Best Guaranteed Universal Life ages 60 to 69 update

In revising website quotes from six months ago for Guaranteed Universal Life for people in their ’60s, a few trends were noticeable of the most competitive carriers.   John Hancock now has very competitive rates in the preferred best category for both men and women in coverage amounts at $250,000 and higher.  United of Omaha also has established competitive rates at standard non tobacco.   Penn Mutual still has the best rates for $50,000 and is very competitive at a broad number of coverage amounts and rate classifications.

Aviva, Nationwide, Genworth and Banner Life show up again and again in certain categories for the best premiums.  Only preferred best and standard non tobacco rates were surveyed to give an broad overview of cost range.  There are many other health categories: preferred, standard plus, tobacco rates and substandard rates, and coverage amounts.

Guaranteed Universal Life, also called No Lapse Universal Life, locks in coverage at a fixed premium and can be set all the way to age 121.  Please contact me for your free and confidential quote.