Move over for roadside crews to save lives

A 40 year old utility worker Jereme Alan Holt of Burlington, NC was killed yesterday on Highway 17 in Hampstead, a four land highway I travel everyday to take our kids to school. A 72 year old man was charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and lane violation.

In […]

Ruling to contest Stranger-Originated Life Insurance: dead pools precedent

Bloomberg reports on a Delaware court ruling which opens an avenue to curb stranger-originated life insurance. Life companies now can contest the owner’s insurable interest even after the standard two year contestability period.

Normally, life insurance implies an insurable interest. A wife who depends on her husband’s income has an insurable interest, if he dies. […]

North American’s now has best rates for $25,000 permanent

North American revamped their lifetime guaranteed universal life (G-UL) product effective May 31st. Over the last few days, I went through all my website’s sample rates for ages 60 to 72, and North American is clear lowest premium leader for $25,000 in coverage. I haven’t checked all the health rate categories, but they lowered premiums […]

Permanent life insurance more suitable for seniors than term

Over the last few days, I compared life insurance websites for seniors in ages 60 through age 72 by Google searching life insurance and adding an age, “life insurance age 68” for example. It’s misleading for those in their 60’s and 70’s to see at the top of Google’s list websites with term life insurance […]