Category: Age 77

In Your 70’s


  1. Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL): fixed premium, coverage to age 120+
  2. Whole Life:  simplified issue, full and immediate benefit


Guaranteed Universal Life

$25,000+  North American     (contact me for details)

$50,000+  lowest premiums, see specific age: age 70, age 71, age 72, age 73, age 74,


Whole Life:  Simplified issue, no exam, short health questionnaire, inexpensive

$3,000 –  $40,000  Mutual of Omaha


Guaranteed Issue  Graded Benefit Whole Life: acceptance guaranteed, no health questions

$5,000 – $20,000  Vantis Life Insurance Company


Survivorship Life Insurance (second-to-die insurance)

$250,000+      Prudential    “Prudential PruLife SUL Protector”