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Life Insurance Blood Test Results


Life insurance that requires a blood test, is much less expensive than those that do not.  Make sure to get a copy of your lab results, so you can personally interpret and understand those measurements, and to make sure you got the best deal. To obtain your blood test results ask your agent the company’s procedure.  Blood test results are usually not release until the underwriter has made his or her decision.


Blood Chemistry 
    Test     Measures Flag, Out of Reference Range
Cholesterol Risk coronary artery disease  risk factor heart attack, stroke
HDL Cholesterol the good cholesterol
Cholesterol Ratio Predictor coronary artery disease
LDL the bad cholesterol
LDL/HDL Ratio Predictor coronary artery disease
Triglycerides Fats provide major reserve energy for body risk factor heart attack, stroke
starts young 
SGO (AST) liver, muscles  liver damage
SGTP (ALT) liver  liver damage
GGT (GGTP) liver insult to the liver; alcohol abuse; various medications
Alkaline Phosphatase bone, liver, bile duct liver disease, bone condition
Total Bilirubin liver and gall bladder cirrhosis, hepatitis, or gallstones
Albumin liver and kidney Many disorders
BUN  (Blood Urea Nitrogen) kidney impaired kidney function
Creatinine product released muscle tissues  how well kidneys working
Total Protein kidney, liver  multiple conditions
Globulin Immune system  chronic infections, liver disease
PSA prostate  cancer
 probnp (NP-proBNP)  heart atrial and ventricular distension
Specific Gravity Kidney
Glucose quantitative  diabetes
Gcast MircroExam
Hcast MicroExam
RBC Micro Exam
WBC Micro Exam
Cotinine (Nicotine) Tobacco for cigar, chewing tobacco, electronic cigarettes, pipe users: non tobacco rates are available
Protein kidney
Protein/Creatinine Ratio kidney
Adult. Creatinine Kidney
Weight build charts vary considerably by carrier; get a second opinion to make sure you got the best deal
Blood Pressure Systolic 1
Blood Pressure Diastolic 1
Blood Pressure Systolic 2
Blood Pressure Diastolic 2


If you have been rated up after applying for life insurance due to blood test results, please contact me for a second opinion and for strategies for getting a lower rate.

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