AARP life insurance simply much more expensive

I first posted about AARP’s high priced life insurance program two years ago. Has there been any reform to that profit mill taking advantage of seniors? No. AARP member options are only among the most expensive.

AARP now promotes “The AARP Life Insurance From New York Life” on a separate website. It’s […]

Mail offers from United of Omaha for whole life insurance: why you should not return

Easy acceptance is not the best life insurance. It’s the most expensive. Check first to see if you qualify for better coverage. Save money. Get coverage from day 1, not after 2 years. […]

Life insurance after a major health problem: Modified Whole Life


Final Expense Options Individuals, mostly seniors, looking for final expense coverage have four choices. Their desirability is in descending order:

fully underwritten Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) simplified issue whole life modified benefit whole life guaranteed issue whole life, also called graded death benefit whole life

Regrettably, profit and volume driven marketers, including AARP, […]

Mail offers for child life insurance are second class

I got a offer for child life insurance in the mail today. Whole Life. Low rates. Cash Value. Coverage for $5,000 to $25,000. No medical exam. My advice is to throw these offers away.

Why? Because they are level benefit whole life coverage. The death benefit always remains the same. A $25,000 policy will […]

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance: your last choice

Don’t fall for mail order offers for guaranteed issue life insurance or guaranteed issue life insurance. Better options are out there. You can potentially save thousands on premium or get twice as much coverage with another carrier.

I received the other day a mail solicitation from United of Omaha Life Insurance Company for guaranteed acceptance […]

AARP life insurance poor choices

AARP life insurance choices are flawed and will tend to be more expensive. When you go to AARP’s website for life insurance, all the options say “No Physical Exam”. That’s more expensive coverage. Actually you want to take a “physical”, called a paramedical exam, even if you’re in your 70’s or 80’s. It’s free, they […]

Simplified Whole Life: Affordable Even in your 70’s

Cremation is inexpensive. Prices vary but scattering one’s ashes might run in the $1,000 range. Simplified issue whole life insurance is also inexpensive. A $3,000 in coverage for a female non tobacco is about $20 a month at 70 and $38 a month at 80. Here are sample quotes those in their 60’s and in […]